When will I ever learn to plan first and start second??? I thought I had done just that when I dove into the Florentines adventure, but was sadly mistaken. Skimming and carefully reading and planning are two different things! What is a florentine you might ask? A Florentine is what happens when a fancy nut-brittle, … Continue reading Florentines

Witch’s Hats

This week I made witches Hat’s in honor of October festivities! Here is what I learned: It’s not over until its over! Let me paint you a picture Step One: Speculoos cookies. I’ve already made this cookie. I’m feeling like a pro. I even multitasked and made these while I was also working on some … Continue reading Witch’s Hats


This cookie is like a cousin to shortbread. Its really simple, but completely addictive. Also, it seems to be one of those cookies that you have to dress up to make exciting. The book uses fancy cookie cutters and uses it as a base in a later creation called “The Witch’s Hat.” I just made … Continue reading Speculoos


Short bread is a sneaky little cookie. It’s all simple and quick and boring, and its easy to forget that they too require your undivided attention and respect. Simplicity is hard. Ask any performer how difficult it is to stand on stage without any exciting blocking or bells and whistles, and to just tell the truth. … Continue reading Shortbread


I saw this next cookie coming a mile away! TKO is short for “The Knock Out,” which is basically a gourmet oreo with white chocolate filling. GOURMET OREO WITH WHITE CHOCOLATE FILLING. I’m sorry, did I mention that its a GOURMET OREO WITH WHITE CHOCOLATE FILLING???? I feel very strongly about oreos. This was another … Continue reading TKO

Better Nutter

This cookie took a lot of patience, which is not something that comes naturally to me. This is Bouchon’s very fancy take on the Nutter Butter and is a spectacular creation. The trick of this cookie is that you must refrigerate the dough, than work on it, than refrigerate it again, than work some more, … Continue reading Better Nutter